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Premium Web Hosting

We focus on speed and secure hosting. Support is where we excel.
This is why our clients love us.

Main Features


What makes

  • Best Speed
  • Secure Like a Vault
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Reliable Ticket Support
  • Fast Monitoring Intervals

Web Hosting

Powerful and Secure
Super Fast
SSD Disks

Starts from Fr.49.90/year*

CMS Hosting

Preinstalled CMS
Instant Activation
Ready to Use

Starts from Fr.99.90/year*

Reseller Hosting

For WebMasters
Become a Hoster

Starts from Fr.84.90/year*

Not sure we are the right provider for you? Try it Free!

Try our web hosting for free for 7 days. If you like it you will be able to upgrade to a regular plan without losing your work!


We use the last technologies like PHP 7 & 8, MariaDB, SSD Disks and top notch hardware to make sure your website is always fast. 

We only deploy high performance servers in a state of the art datacenter with all safety systems in place to ensure the stability of your website. 

The number of account per server is limited based on the resources used per account to avoid overloading a server and to maintain your website's performance at the best at every moment of the day.


With Vedova Hosting every account is fully isolated from the others for best security. With our solution if an account is hacked all the other accounts are still safe.

We use ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) on all our servers to be able to identify viruses and malicious code to quarantine it and keep your account safe. We also use it to scan all the emails you receive.

We also use CXS (ConfigServer eXploit Scanner) on every server, a professional tool to scan all the files in real time (it scans every file at the moment it is uploaded).


We go the extra mile to make your life easier! 

Phone support and fast email support 

Do you have a problem performing a certain operation? Contact us! We will answer your email with the solution to your problem, or we will write a tutorial just for you. 

All our services are monitored every 5 minutes and in case something happens all our technicians gets a notifications about the issue. We usually solve problems before the clients can even contact us.


All our hosting plans include a free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt.


We only use servers with SSD disks to guarantee maximum performances for your website.


Coming from another host? We'll take care of everything and you get 2 months of free hosting.