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VIP Program

Get our services at a discounted price

Are you a webmaster, webddesigner or do you manage more than 5 websites? You can get a discount upto 30% on our services.

Use Our Services

Buy the first 4 hosting account normally using the same account in the client area. To get the discount all the accounts have to be managed by the same client.

Contact Us

From the 5th hosting account you can have a 10% discount. This discount will also be applied to your other accounts when you renew them.

Use Your Coupon

Buy at a discounted price. You are the only one that can use that coupon code, if you will share it, will be deleted promptly.

What Kind of Discount do you Offer?

The discount varies depending on the number of active hosting accounts that you manage. Domains are not counted.

If you have 5 to 15 active accounts you will receive a 10% discount

If you have 16 to 25 active accounts you will receive a 20% discount

If you have 26 or more active accounts you will receive a 30% discount

VIP Program FAQ

How can I get my personal discount code?

As soon as you buy your 4th hosting account you can request a discount code. We’ll send you a code usable only on your account (if you share it online or another account uses it we will invalidate the code and you can’t use the promotion anymore). Should you want to use it for a different account you must to contact us via email first.

What Are The Discount Percentages?

We offer a discount bases on the number of active services.

  • If you have from 5 to 15 active accounts you will get a 10% discount
  • With 16-25 active accounts the discount will be 20%
  • and with 26 or more active accounts you will get a 30% discount

Who will get the invoices?

If you’re using the VIP program we will invoice the webmaster who has full management over the clients’ accounts in the client area. You as the webmaster will invoice the services to the your clients (that will neve get in touch with us).

I want Vedova Hosting to manage my clients

In this case the VIP program is not for you. If you want your client to manage his own account, and we invoice him directly he must create his own account in the client area under his name. To get commissions in this case you should check our "Hosting Affiliation".