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Are you sick of your provider? Are you thinking of changing your hosting?
Is your website slow or often offline? Do you have to wait centuries to get an answer?
The hosting you are using is not secure and your site has been hacked?
Are you unable to sustain the growth of your website? 



In limited offer we will transfer your website for free even if the control panel does not match.

Buy one of our hosting plans. Not sure which one is best suited to your needs? Contact us!
Send a ticket to the SuperEroi of our support with the access data to the old provider and request the transfer.
Changing hosting is very easy. Without the slightest downtime we migrate your website keeping you up to date as we respond to the ticket.
Now relax and enjoy professional service and an experienced support staff always ready to follow you.


And you get 2 months of free hosting

We've already done everything we can to make switching hosting to Vedova Hosting as easy as possible and here's the icing on the cake...

Order a plan for one year (or longer) and we offer you 2 months of free hosting.

To qualify for the promotion all you need to do is send us an email indicating that you have cancelled your old account within 5 days of the order date.

Changing hosting has never been easier!

More information on the transfer procedure

The process of transferring a domain name varies according to its extension. In all cases you have to ask your provider for the authorization code (also called auth-code or EPP code). This is like a domain password and serves to prevent someone else from transferring the domain without your permission. If you do not have a website you will have to order a new domain instead of the transfer.

The number of days it takes to transfer the domain varies depending on its extension. For example an it domain or eu domain is transferred in about 24 hours, while other extensions take 5 days. With some providers the transfer process can be shortened by clicking on a link that is sent by email.

This transfer time gives us the possibility to move to the web space of the new server. Until the domain transfer is completed the domain will point to the old server. We will take care of the transfer of the site files and the MySQL database to the new hosting. This way as soon as the domain transfer is completed the customer will not have to do anything and will see his site running on our hosting. In this way we can guarantee that there will be no disservice during the transfer.

If your previous provider uses cPanel or CentOS WebPanel we will use a specially designed transfer tool and create an exact copy of your account on our server. If your provider does not use cPanel or CentOS WebPanel, a manual transfer will be required. That means we will have to migrate the files and the database manually, then with a text editor we will modify the configuration file of your CMS in order to reset the database name, user and password.