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January 2019 News

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On January we introduced some news on our services to offer a better service to our clients. As always prices aren't changing, despite our most famous competitors keep raising their prices.


Until now we kept 3 backups per account on an external server. There were 3 backups for each account: a daily, a weekly and a monthly backup.

But, from now on, we’ll keep also via JetBackup a daily incremental backups for each account, guaranteeing a greater safety. In other words: if a client’ site has some kind of problem, and the client only realizes it when it’s too late, we will most likely have a functioning backup made over last days and fully accessible by its cPanel.

Moreover, up to the first few days of December 2018, the restore had a cost Fr.50.00 Swiss Francs - or equivalent - plus VAT for any type of account. By now on, in addition, shared hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, CMS hosting plans and the reseller hosting plans all offer a daily incremental JetBackup free restore. If for some reason the incremental backup is useless, daily, weekly and monthly full backups are available for restore. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a restore service from full backups for free, regardless of the hosting plan you own.


We'll use to, charging a late fee to all the late payments regarding the invoices, due to all the hard work done to recover a suspended or terminated account. Five days after the due date of the invoice we'll use to add an arrear equal to the 10% of the total of the invoice, with a minimum of Fr.5.00 Swiss Francs or equivalent.

Remember that a late payment still implies the automatic suspension and subsequently a termination of the service.


Every registry has its own rules, but all of them, more or less, follow the same procedure. The day after the expiry date the domain is put offline (it only shows some ads) and it's set on a “grace period” status.

During the grace period the domain can be renewed with no additional costs. After some days (depending on the extension) the domain is set on “redemption period”.

If the domain is put on “redemption period” there are some extra costs for its restore. You can find further information about this process following this tutorial.

This process wasn't automated yet, meaning that the client would pay the renewal without any fee, and then a second invoice was manually sent with the restore fees. The system now adds the restore fees and sent out invoices in full automated way, so both our clients and our operators won't waste any time.


We reviewed and improved knowledge base and wiki. Now gives you the chance to vote. 

If you have any suggestion about feel free to contact us, so we can correct it (or make it clearer) based on your suggestions. We will update the tutorials in 1-2 business days and we will write you to notify that the tutorial has been updated as you requested.

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