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December 2018 News

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We have recently introduced some new features for our clients.

We try to improve our services day by day and tha's possible thanks to the help of our clients.


All the news we'll talk about today have been, in fact, applied following our clients' suggestions.


You want to help us improve the service we offer or do you have suggestions? Just contact us and we'll value your opinions and, where possible, we'll use your advices to improve our services.


Since this month on every hosting account we provide, we made GIT available for version control. This feature was requested by more then one client and it’s now available for everyone.

If you're using a shared hosting, semidedicated hosting or any of our CMS hosting, you can use GIT with no additional costs.

GIT is the most modern and most user version control software, and doesn’t need any introduction to developers and programmers.


Node.js is an open source environment that uses JavaScript not only on he browser side, but also on the server.

Since today JavaScript has advanced a language and is able to to complex things like other programming languages, it has been used also on the server side.

With Vedova Hosting you can choose the Node.js version you prefer and create your scripts and publish them in a production environment in just a few clicks. All you have to do is to access to the Node.js section of the cPanel.


If you need to edit your website, without touching your production website, or without causing any issues to it, the best way to work is to create a staging version. After you've made all the work you can push the edits on your production website once you’re sure everything will work fine.

With Vedova Hosting you can create a staging version of your website in a few click following our guide. You can test and edit everything you need and then push your modifications to your production website.

This way you can work without creating any issue to your users, make your edits, do you tests and the apply the changes to your website.


Recently you can buy and manage SSL certificates directly from the client area. This means you can buy, install and reissue an SSL Certificate from the client area and cPanel, autonomously.


To avoid having our IPs blacklisted we enforce some email sending limits. This practice is used by all providers that offer shared hosting.

This limits are high enough to not notice if you use email normally from your browser, but they are triggered if you send a newsletter to a big list of contacts.

Those clients that go over the sending limits will be quoted a professional SMTP service that will allow them to send unlimited emails without any kind of problems.

Node.js Semi-Dedicated Hosting