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Domains FAQ

Can I manage DNS if I register a domain with Vedova Hosting?

The DNS or Domain Name System, allow you to point, or associate, your domain to one or more IP addresses. In simple words they allow to reach a certain IP address (which is a collection of numbers that is difficult to remember) through an easy to remember text.

Vedova Hosting gives you the ability to manage DNS of all domains for free, so you can set up your domains the way you need.

I already have a domain. Can I transfer it to Vedova Hosting?

Of course, the process is very simple and takes 24-48 hours for .it domains and .eu domains while it takes about 5 days for the other domain extensions.

The first thing you need to do to transfer a domain is to request the Auth-Code (or EPP-Code) from your current provider.

Some providers make it available through their customer area, while others require sending an email.

If you only want to transfer the domain name (ie you do not have a website but only the domain name) you can enter the name of your domain in the box above and proceed with the transfer.

If you have a website and you want to transfer both your website and your domain name you must choose a hosting package (if you do not know which one contact us and we will help you) and during the purchase process select the option "Transfer your domain from another registrar" or click on the "transfer" button you see in the header.

If I buy a domain can i use an email address like name@domain.ext?

If you only buy the domain you can't create an email address such as name@domain.ext

However, you can set up an email redirect and redirect all the emails you receive to another address. And you can do it for free. If you need to use email addresses, you will need to purchase an hosting account.

How can I register a domain?

If you want to register a domain, and you don't need a space to put your website in, just enter the domain name in the box above, check if it is available and follow the wizard.

If instead you need some space to host a website or email addresses then you have to choose a hosting account. The domain will be registered while the hosting account is created.

Do you offer technical support for domains?

If you buy a domain our support operators will help you if you have problems managing it.


General Questions

What can I do if the domain I'm looking for is not available?

If the domain you want to register is unavailable, try checking a different extension. If you do a search using the form above and the system will offer you other available extensions.

If you have a registered trademark and believe that that domain is yours, you can proceed legally to recover it.

How are domains structured?

Usually we refer to domains as Second Level Domains (SLD).

The first level (TLD or Top Level Domain) is the suffix (also called extension) of the domain, for example .com

The second level (SLD or Second Level Domain) is the name you choose, in the second level is vedova.

A third-level domain (also called sub-domain) is the one used in our customer area:

What are the available payment methods?

You can pay the domain using PayPal, Credit Card processed via PayPal or via Bank Transfer

Who can buy a domain?

Domains can be purchased both by private adults and companies. Start the purchase, then follow the wizard until the end.