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Dedicated Servers

The Most Powerful Solution 100% Customizable


Who needs a dedicated server?

A dedicated server (or dedicated hosting) serves those who need to host a website with large visits or those who have special needs.

As this is a dedicated solution we can customize the server as you prefer by installing any type of software you need for your website.


Are you ready for the big move?

Does your site have a large volume of visits or do you have special needs that need a dedicated solution?

This is what we offer:

Not sure which one is the best solution for your needs? Contact us for a help.

Should I choose the Managed Server or the UnManaged one?

A dedicated server offers unlimited customization possibilities. 

You can choose a Fully Managed plan so that we manage everything for you. If you don't have sys admin skills this is the best option. You will have access to the control panel and it will be the same for you as managing a normal shared hosting. We will take care of the maintenance, management and monitoring of the server and you can concentrate on managing and growing your website. 

If you know how to manage a server, you can choose an unmanaged service, which obviously has a lower cost. In this case you will have root access and the possibility to do what you prefer with your server, such as choosing among the various operating systems which one is right for you. In this case if you have a problem you can buy a support ticket for a system intervention.

Type of accessShellControl Panel
Who is it suitable for?Expert userAverage user
Operating SystemYour ChoiceLinux CentOS 7
Managed Hardware and NetworkVV
Human intervention 24/7 in case of failureVV
99.99% Network Uptime GuaranteedVV
99.99% Server Uptime GuaranteedXV
Security upgradesXV
CSF Firewall ConfigurationXV
Free supportXV
Proactive SupportXV
Free migrationXV
Redundant DNS ClusterXV
Basic Assistance with using the control panelXV
Hardening and Server OptimizationXV
Additional software installationXV
Possibility to request specific configurationsXV
Disaster recovery proceduresXV
Backup restoreXV
PHP recompilationXV
Root AccessVX


Control panel

All our Managed accounts have the CentOS WebPanel license included in the price. When ordering you can choose to use CentOS WebPanel, cPanel, DirectAdmin or Plesk. We have the licenses available at a low price.

Free website transfer

We migrate up to 10 accounts for free if the control panels match. We schedule the migration with the customer to avoid any possible downtime. Migration is only free with the purchase of an annual plan or longer period.

Easy upgrade

You can easily upgrade from the client area and pay only the difference you plan will be migrated to your chosen Cloud Hosting plan with a downtime of a few minutes and your IP address will not change. We'll take care of everything automatically! NOTE: for technical issues you can only upgrade to a higher plan, to migrate to a lower plan you will need to buy a new account and migrate. It is not possible to switch from a Managed plan to an UnManaged plan.

Fully Managed

Our Cloud Hosting plans are fully managed by our technicians, we take care of the configurations and machine management. What does this mean? It means that it is as easy as a normal shared hosting account (we take care of everything) but with the power and customization possibilities of a Cloud Hosting.


If you choose an UnManaged plan you have Root/SSH access for full service management. You can also manage the machine completely from the customer area, reboot, put it into rescue mode, create shapshots and much more.

Daily backups

We make snapshot backups (a full copy of the entire machine) included in the price for all cloud plans and keep them on an external server. You can manage your backups directly from the customer area and if you have a Managed plan we take care of the restore for free.

Dedicated IP

All our cloud servers have a dedicated IP included in the price that is not shared with anyone. This way you don't risk that your site's IP will end up in some blacklist due to misconduct by other users on the same IP.

Private NameServers

If you prefer you can use your nameservers and don't show anyone our name. You can use your domain name to point your customers' domains to your virtual machine.


Dedicated servers and security

Unlike a virtual private server with a dedicated server, you have the entire machine at your disposal, so you don't have to share resources with other users.

With dedicated hosting you have maximum security as you are physically isolated from all other websites. Depending on your needs we will assess what kind of protection you need and implement the necessary security measures.

We offer a "Fully Managed" service level, i.e. we will take care of everything and you don't have to have any system knowledge to be able to manage the service. Obviously if you prefer you can manage the server in complete autonomy, but in case of need you can always contact our assistance.

Dedicated hosting with top performances

We ensure maximum performance for our customers.

Each server has up to 600 GBit/s connectivity and we use only the newest hardware to ensure that the performance of our dedicated servers is always at maximum.

We want to offer our customers a high level of service. We can only succeed if our customers are successful. The basis for success is to have a fast website.

Unlike a shared hosting service, where a server and its resources are shared among various users, in a dedicated server the server resources are all at your disposal. We are talking about RAM, CPU, disk, IP addresses and all the other resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a website somewhere else can you help me with the migration?

We offer free migration for up to 10 accounts if the control panels match. We plan the migration with the customer in order to avoid downtime or problems.

What are the differences between a dedicated server and VPS/Cloud?

In the case of a Cloud Hosting the resources are dedicated but assigned virtually to your machine, and the physical resources are divided between multiple accounts. In the case of a dedicated server instead you have 100% of the physical resources of your server available. The physical machine is yours only.

Do you have a minimum contract?

With Vedova Hosting there is no contract of any kind, you can cancel it at any time. The minimum payment period is monthly but we have discounts for longer periods of time. You cannot get your money back as this is a dedicated service created especially for you.

Do you offer a backup service?

An external server backup service is included on all Fully managed servers. We keep 7 daily backups on an external server in a different datacenter

How many websites can I host on my server?

There is no limit to the number of sites you can host on your dedicated server. Some control panels have a pricing system based on the number of accounts, so this may be a limit. This type of limit can be bypassed simply paying a higher price for the license.

Keep in mind that a server has finite resources (CPU, RAM, disk space) and therefore there is a physical limit on the number of websites that you can keep on a server before you see a degradation in the performances of your websites.

Do I need to have sys admin skills?

During the purchase process you can opt for a Fully Managed contract. For a monthly fee we take care of the full management of the server, you will have access to the control panel and the management of your account will be the same as a shared hosting plan.

We will take care of the installation, upgrade, management, monitoring and maintenance of the server. For any problem on the server you just have to open a ticket and one of our technicians will take care of the problem.

Are there email sending limits?

There are no email sending limits. However, we recommend setting a sending limit of 500 emails per hour. This way if one of your sites is compromised and used to send spam, you can limit the damage and prevent the IP of your dedicated server from ending up on a spam list.