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Top Notch Hardware

Stability and speed of your website depend on datacenter and servers that host your website. That's why we operate from cutting-edge datacenters and use only the most powerful hardware on the market.

Datacenters we use

We use datacenters located in R├╝mlang and Lupfig - Switzerland, also in Munich, Nuremberg and Falkenstein - Germany. Them have been built to be energy efficient and maintained by renewable energy.

Them have been built with state-of-the-art physical security measures such as iris scanners, fingerprint scanners, computerised motion detectors to ensure that all the servers and data held within them are secure.

All datacenter have a battery system capable of supporting data center consumption for 15 minutes and an auxiliary diesel generator that automatically starts up in the event of a power failure.

Also have redundant connections to the main connection points to ensure quick access to websites whether you are using our hosting services or a dedicated or cloud server.


DDoS Protection

Automated systems to protect your website, applications and server.

Security Systems

Password access control, fingerprint and iris scanner, CCTV.


Our datacenter is only powered with renewable energy.

Climate Control

The datacenter has a cooling capacity of 16kW which guarantees an optimal quality of service.



Electrical Redundancy

Batteries for 15 minutes and diesel generator to ensure 100% electrical supply.

24/7/35 Monitoring

A technician is always present inside the datacenter to solve manually any kind of problem.

Fire Protection

Modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department. Special door locking systems.



To be able to provide a high-level service we only use the best hardware on the market. All servers we use have SSD disks for maximum speed and 1Gbps connectivity. Our speed tests prove this.

Intel Xeon E3-1275V6 3.8GHz Processors

64GB RAM DDR4-2400

SSD Disks with M.2 NVMe Technology

1Gbps Connectivity


For the Environement

We are committed to protecting the environment, which is why we tend to use renewable energy to provide our services.

Hydroelectric energy

Most datacenters uses hydroelectric energy. With partner like Energiedienst AG, a certified company that generates clean electricity.

Efficient Hardware

For years all the investments we have made have been based on energy efficiency. We have determined the electrical consumption of the various servers and network components and we used this data as a criterion of choice for the selection of the components we use.

Choose Vedova Hosting with Clean Conscience

We do our best to promote an energy efficient internet. The costs associated with these choices have not passed on to our customers. Choose Vedova Hosting for a cleaner future.