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Notice on guarantees

All information on this site is provided as is without any guarantee of correctness, and Vedova Hosting can not be held responsible for any loss due to them or due to the use of this site, there is also no connection between Emanuele widow and users who use the services to sell on this site, or with the reviewed sites in the catalog of Web sites, or domains and related areas activated.

Limited Liability

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More on ads and messages in the forums

Vedova Hosting is not responsible for content posted by users, only the owners are responsible for the information on their work or on their cheap, and on their sites, even if hosted on the server Vedova Hosting.

Failure Balance Invoice

Vedova Computing is riserver the right to terminate at any time, any account proves indebted to the payment of invoices, generally this is not possible because a prepaid service, but in some cases you may be able to get the activation before payment, or you can run into this situation after refund through credit card, in these cases, the customer will be put in default, and every account and domain will be blocked until payment of all invoices.

Suspension for Spam and Fraudulent Actions

Vedova Hosting reserves the right to terminate at any time and without notice, any account proves following warning or control, addicted to actions spamming or Fraudulent actions, and Vedova Hosting reserves the right to proceed with further legal action against any customer, devoted to these actions, if the customer has made no redarguido to modify their conduct.

Guarantees service continuity

The services offered at the following web services are considered low-cost and without any pretense, by purchasing a service of this type, the customer accepts and understands that the service should not be considered professional, and therefore can not seek professional assistance for every small problem, the service can also be subject to extraordinary maintenance and malfunctions due to the many possible causes (problems with third-party providers, issues with autority and records, public order problems, legal problems, technical problems), Vedova Computing is committed to detecting signals of malfunction, however, may not always be possible a rapid solution because of the low-cost nature of the service that just requires to run a large number of customers with shared spaces between them, and the great number of customers also means large amount of problems they may generate, if the customer is aware of this, then you can order the service, if it is well aware is asked to consider what they need before ordering any service from this site.

Guarantees Professional Services

For the most demanding customers can still request quote for advanced professional services with a guarantee of continuity of service and quick and with the contract between the parties with penalties in case of discontinuity of service. Customers with this possible need can contact Vedova Hosting for any personalized quote, with a minimum monthly fee of 250 Euros plus VAT.

Time registration of domains and domains .it

The customer requesting the services at this site, accepts and is aware that it is never possible to guarantee the timing of recordings, especially for .it domains which require the complicated bureaucratic procedures and are subject to the control of a body register, the ".it Registry", which sometimes refuses recordings properly for reasons not always clearly identifiable. Customers to request a domain is aware that the agreement is finalized with the activation of the same, and with the activation notification from this site, until then is aware that it might not be possible to activate or transfer the domain requested. Furthermore, the customer is aware that it domains and other special extensions can have recording times even above 30 and 60 days. However, if the customer is not satisfied with the time, it may require repayment before finalizing the activation domain.